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Ocean between Os

Kia Ora, 

Welcome to my blog. I am a specialist Womens Health Osteopath from the UK who has recently relocated to Nelson, New Zealand. Promptly thrust into COVID19 lockdown, which aside from being a bit of a shocker, has served as a great opportunity to get my website straight(er) and set various wheels in motion. Ideas that have been bubbling under the surface for some time now are finally seeing the light of day. I am feeling extraordinarily creative. Exciting times are ahead. I am in my right place.

My blog will serve as a tool for realisation and education. For girls, women, boys and men (if they so choose). To document and discuss the dis-ease and subsequent healing that takes place across the different planes of humanity with a strong emphasis on Female Health. No topic left unturned, no subject taboo. 

It will also document our adventures so that we may encourage others to get out and about and reap the huge benefits, mentally, physically and spiritually, that come from a connection to the great outdoors. It is a place for our friends and family to see what we are up to now that there really is an ocean, or three, between us.

I am blessed to be joined by some awesome creatives. John is my gorgeous, calm, creative partner who is responsible for the making part of anything I dream up. He especially likes it when I wake him at 3am to grace him with my ideas. I would also like to give a massive shout out to Hannah Cawardine who has taken on the challenge to bring my blog to life, who will continue to do so (and it may get stranger), who has not shied away from my bonkers scribbles and does not bat an eyelid when I require vaginas in various, colourful lights. Finally, beautiful Sophie Moonbase Tattoo who found the time during the lockdown to complete my website design where she had previously been too busy actually tattooing. LOVE. To them and the rest of you, I look forward to riding this tide together.

Ka kite anō au i a koutou

See you again.

Kelly x

Registered Osteopath, B.Ost (Hons), PGD WHO

Andrew Taylor Still, the founding father of Osteopathy. He was always riding the tide. 


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