Teenage Contraceptive

What are we to do?

As a mother of a pre/peripubescent girls this is a conundrum.

Let's start with young girls 11+ having the contraceptive pill / depo provera shot / implants due to irregular / painful / heavy periods and/or acne. 

At this very moment in clinic I am treating two ladies who have blood clots on the lungs which do not self resolve - according to medics,  they will have them forever - due to long term use of the contraceptive pill. 

At this very moment I am also treating a lady who has lost her teeth and has several fractures due to the mineral leaching activity of long term use of Depo Provera. 

At the same time, I am seeing a rise in young girls who are not sexually active being taken to the GP and being prescribed these potentially harmful drugs.

How about we look at girls endocrine/musculoskeletal systems instead:

  • Sphenoid - Headaches? Sore neck?
  • Pineal - Night owl? Poor sleep patterns? 
  • Thyroid - Weight issues, acne, cold feet/hands? 
  • Thymus - Prone to coughs/colds? Anxious at school? Exam stress? 
  • Pancreas/Stomach/Spleen - Gut issues, low immunity, lacking connection or self confidence?
  • Adrenals/Kidneys -  Tired? Stressed? Adrenal fatigue?
  • Sacrum/Ovaries/Uterus - Painful periods?

Our girls can be very active - sports, horse riding, dancing, gymnastics yet also very sedentary - computers and phones. These activities can affect the body's structure and how our systems function. Our periods are the single most important thing by which we can monitor our health. Where possible, do not switch them off. 

If your daughter has irregular, painful, clotty, heavy periods or is a bit tumultuous in the lead up to menstruation - we can help. These things are easily rectified. Experience shows that cycles can be regulated within a few treatments - often sooner. And she's NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE, so no need for contraceptives yet.

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