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Distant Healing

I have been blessed with some incredible gifts but since the beginning of my healing journey - the ability to perform Distant Healing for others completely flummoxed me. I could not understand that even though I could see, feel and move energy - I could not perform Distant Healing. As soon as I attempted it, a wall came up.

Distant Past Life Healing

My Journey

During this personal healing, I felt release from cords connecting me to old vows which no longer served my highest good. These cords cleared through my medulla oblongata and immediately - I knew I would now be able to perform Distant Healings.

It is hard to convey in simple terms how distant healings have advanced my spiritual path. How they have further strengthened my connection to the whole, bought me a sense of joy I had not previously known and given me the courage to truly walk my path.

The ability to do these Distant Healings with ease and clarity is very exciting. So much potential. So much joy.

I am Truly Blessed.

Distant Healing - People

During this session, my energy field connects with your energy field, distance is no object. I can feel you as if you are right here with me. A beautiful cord of golden light connects your toroidal energy field to mine. 

It is stunning to see.

During the session - the healing does what the healing needs to do and this covers anything from:

  • The Physical Body
  • Energy Bodies - Etheric, Emotional, Mental or Astral
  • Energy Centres - Chakras
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Lines

Clearing - Removing - Stabilising - Repairing - Balancing - Harmonising

You will need to send me a RECENT full length picture of yourself, facing forward with space showing above your head and below your feet (do not write on your own photo).

Distant Healing - Animals

Animals are a joy to treat - they too can be weighed down by fear, anxiety and traumatic experiences - just like humans.

The session will follow the same vein as the human session but they generally have less to clear. Animals, like babies, are very responsive.

So if you have (for example) a dog in discomfort, an anxious bird or a depressed cow:

As with the human session, you will need to send me a RECENT picture of your animal - face on - showing space above their head and below their feet/paws/hooves/claws.

Distant Healing - Places

Places hold and emit energy just like humans

The first time I performed one - my higher self astral projected to my own place of work and cleared the entire building....

My higher self appears as a whirling ninja/sufi warrior who spins through your place, banging a golden staff of white light into the ground which, on connection, emits a super sonic boom of energy clearing all in its path. Suffice to say - these are So. Much. Fun. 

As with the other Distant Healings - The healing goes where necessary and I have seen it:

  • Clear dense negative energies.
  • Help earth bound spirits move to the light
  • Harmonise energetic & magnetic fields

Leaving your space feeling light and bright.

So, if (for example) - you are struggling to sell your house, dread going into the office or have a piece of foreboding land  - Contact Kelly to book a Clearance Healing.

Mother Earth will thank you for it.

After booking, you will need to send me a few RECENT pictures covering the outside of the property and different rooms of the home/building and/or areas of the land.

How does it happen?

With any of the Distant Healings - once you have made your booking - email me your name, address, time and date of session and any relevant photos: 


You can reply to your confirmation email.

Please be aware these session are New Zealand time zone and it is up to you to correlate them with your own time zone. Prices are in NZD.

For human healings - it is great if you can be sitting or laying in a relaxed, undisturbed manner at the time of the healing. It does not matter if you have to move during the healing. Prior to the healing commencing - open your heart and say out loud: "I am ready to accept the healing coming".

For animal healings - you do not need to be present but you may choose to be.

For place healings - you do not need to be present but it does not interfere if you are. 

These healings are carried out from my clinic setting. I have a peaceful space and your time slot is necessary and set aside for the entirety of your healing session. 

I will email you details of the session upon completion.



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