Distant Healing - People

Spiritual Healing

During this session, my energy field connects with your energy field, distance is no object. I can feel you as if you are right here with me. A beautiful cord of golden light connects your toroidal energy field to mine. 

It is stunning.

During the session - the healing does what the healing needs to do and this covers anything from:

  • The Physical Body 
  • Energy Bodies - Etheric, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Lines

Clearing - Removing - Stabilising - Repairing - Balancing - Harmonising

Contact Kelly to book a Distant Healing

You will need to send me a RECENT full length picture of yourself, facing forward with space showing above your head and below your feet (do not write on your own photo). 

I need a recent photo so I can see you as you are now. If you send an old photo I will see you as you were then. With each new healing, please send a new photo. 

You will receive full easy to follow instruction in the confirmation email after booking. You can reply to this with your photo and confirmation of your name, address, date and time of healing. 


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