Distant Healing - Animals

Spiritual Healing

Animals are a joy to treat - they too can be weighed down by fear, anxiety and traumatic experiences - just like humans.

The session will follow the same vein as the human session but they generally have less to clear. Animals, like babies, are very responsive.

So if you have (for example) a dog in discomfort, an anxious bird or a depressed cow:

Contact Kelly to book them a Distant Healing.

As with the human session, you will need to send me a RECENT picture of your animal - face on - showing space above their head and below their feet/paws/hooves/claws. If you send me an old photo - I will see them as they were then. With each new healing, I require a new photo. 

After booking - clear simple instructions will follow. You can reply to the email with your photo, name of animal - (if it has one, you may not have named your whole herd) their address and confirmation of your healing date and time.

You do not have to be present at the time of the healing but you may wish too. It may be interesting to see their response and comforting for the animal in question.

If you have any specific queries you can contact me: kellymacneillnz@gmail.com 


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