Distant Healing - Places

Spiritual Healing

Places hold and emit energy just like humans.

The first time I performed one - my higher self astral projected to my own place of work and cleared the entire building....

My higher self appears as a whirling ninja/sufi warrior who spins through your place, banging a golden staff of white light into the ground which, on connection, emits a super sonic boom of energy clearing all in its path. Suffice to say - these are So. Much. Fun. 

As with the other Distant Healings - The healing goes where necessary and I have seen it:

  • Clear dense negative energies.
  • Help earth bound spirits move to the light
  • Harmonise energetic & magnetic fields

Leaving your space feeling light and bright.

So, if (for example) - you are struggling to sell your house, dread going into the office or have a piece of foreboding land  - Make contact to book a distant healing

Mother Earth will thank you for it.

After booking, you will need to send me a few RECENT pictures covering the outside of the property and different rooms inside the home/building and/or areas of the land. After booking, a confirmation email will be sent with easy to follow instruction. Just reply to it with your photos, address, time and date of healing. You do not need to be present and it does not interfere if you are. 

Any questions? You can contact me: kellymacneillnz@gmail.com


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