Holy Moly

An Intimate Exchange

Ladies!  How often do we consider the energy we allow (or not) into our vaginas? Or the legacy of energy which remains there?

When we have an intimate encounter, any encounter: 

  • What is their/our intention?
  • Do they/we have our best intentions at heart?
  • Are they/we coming (pun intended) from a place of Kindness and Love?
  • What do they/we leave?
  • Love or Trauma?

How do they and most importantly, we, feel during the exchange? 

  • Excited? Happy? 
  • Loved? Blissful?
  • Fearful? Angry? 
  • Bored? Resentful?

How do these combinations of intentions and emotions effect our vaginas?

During positive encounters, tissues of the vagina perfuse, they have a vibrant, soft quality, they ooze life.

During negative encounters, trauma can imprint on the tissues giving rise to traumatic strain patterns which can run throughout our systems. Continued negative encounters leach the area of life. The tissues become inhibited with a dull and lacking quality to them. 

We can help our vaginas. When we are ready

We can integrate traumas and clear past encounters. 

We can bring life back to our vaginas.

  • Assimilate and Integrate Trauma - RELEASE!
  • Clear Inflammation and Congestion - ENERGY!
  • Reperfusion - Blood, Nutrients, Oxygen - FLOW!
  • Restore Balance to the Pelvis - HARMONY!

I have been inspired to write this post by a number of recent patients unable to move on in their lives. The legacy of past encounters holding them back. Working together, we have been able to clear these, with some very happy consequences indeed. 

You can book online here. If you are a new patient, it is advisable to book a follow up the following week to ensure continuity of care. 


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