It's never too late!

OMG - My Vagina

I have been honoured to hold space for a strong wahine this last week. 

Having not had any kind of internal examination and treatment since her hysterectomy many moons ago, she took the decision and gave her whole hearted consent for me to hold this space for her.

Comfortable connection in this manner is always informative at the very least and life changing at its very best.

To hear her at the end of our session - OMG I can feel my vagina, I haven't felt it in years - is music to my ears. 

We hugged , she left with a big smile on her face, to get reacquainted with the root of her very being.

To harmonise in this way - please book a longer visit. Arohanui.

When you have had a hysterectomy, the energy of your physical parts still exist within your energetic bodies. Much healing can be achieved when we work in this way for harmonious integration.


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